JACK Quartet performs if only it were not bound to (2016)

Manuela Meier's string quartet if only it were not bound to was written for the JACK Quartet and recorded and performed by quartet in February 2016. Taking an environmental approach to the continuously adapting and evolving sonic relationships within the piece, the piece is exploring borderline areas of sound, zones of fragility and the (im)possible.

The string trio and ensemble piece one more could be beyond (2016), premiered by Ensemble Recherche, and what you see, is it (2016) for two trombones, written for and premiered by Matt Barbier and Weston Olencki are closely related to if only it were not bound to.


JACK Quartet (Christopher Otto, Ari Streisfeld, Kevin McFarland, John Pickford Richards)
recording Manuela Meier's work for string quartet "if only it were not bound to", Feb. 2016

photograph by Manuela Meier

Further reading:

if only it were not bound to is also discussed in Manuela Meier's article On the potential of the peripheral (2016), in: Perspectives for Contemporary Music in the 21st Century, Wolke Verlag / Wolke edition, Germany, 2016.

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JACK Quartet performs Manuela Meier's works:

The JACK Quartet has also played the US premiere of Manuela Meier's String Quartet no.1 (2009) in 2013.

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